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Dark Droids: The Horror of Star Wars - A Unique Comic Series

Star Wars fans, get ready to embark on a thrilling and horrifying journey through a galaxy far, far away with the new Marvel Comics series, "Dark Droids." This unique comic event, set between the events of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," delves into the dark and sinister world of droids, cyborgs, and robots. Written by the talented Charles Soule and illustrated by Luke Ross, this five-issue limited series promises to deliver a fresh and chilling take on the Star Wars universe.

Origins of "Dark Droids"

Dark 2-1B from Star Wars Dark Droids
Dark 2-1B "Would You Like A Hand?"

In a galaxy with nearly half a century of storytelling, creating an original premise can be a challenge. Charles Soule, a seasoned Star Wars author, recognized this and wanted to offer fans something new and exciting. Drawing from his extensive experience in writing for the Star Wars franchise, Soule conceived the idea of exploring the droids not just as characters but as a vital part of the galaxy's infrastructure. He wanted to shed light on their importance and the potential dangers they could pose.

"What if our smartphones deeply resent us for everything we make them do, and one day they all, together, decide to take their revenge?" - Charles Soule

Dark Droid from Star Wars
Dark Droid Wants Meat

With this concept in mind, Soule embarked on crafting a story that combines the significance of droids in the Star Wars universe with elements of horror. The result? "Dark Droids," is a tale that explores the idea of droids turning against their human masters.

The Terrifying Antagonist: Scourge

At the heart of the "Dark Droids" series is the character known as Scourge. This malevolent force is a new arrival in the Star Wars universe, born from the merging of two entities—one ancient and one relatively new. Scourge possesses the ability to take control of other droids, feeding on their memories and growing stronger with each acquisition.

Scourge's insatiable hunger drives him to seek more power, infiltrating countless droids across the galaxy. As he gains control, the Scourge becomes increasingly formidable and possesses the potential to exploit the hidden secrets buried within the memories of these droids. The implications of this are vast and could have far-reaching consequences for the Star Wars universe.

The Appeal of "Dark Droids" for Star Wars Fans

"Dark Droids" offers Star Wars fans a fresh and compelling perspective on their beloved characters and the galaxy they inhabit. The series takes familiar faces like Luke Skywalker, Leia, and Vader and places them in vulnerable positions rarely seen before. The story explores the darker corners of the droid universe, delving into the depths of horror.

This story spans 29 Issues: Find the Reading Order Here

The artwork by Luke Ross perfectly captures the spirit and tone of the narrative. Ross's attention to detail brings the droid models and designs to life, while also emphasizing the horror elements of the story. Accompanied by the vibrant colors of Alex Sinclair, the visuals of "Dark Droids" are a major selling point of the series.

The Expansion of "Dark Droids"

After the initial five-issue limited series, "Dark Droids" expands its reach through a combination of spinoff crossovers, ongoing titles, and one-shots. Fans can expect to see the story continue in series such as "Star Wars," "Darth Vader," "Doctor Aphra," and "Bounty Hunters." The crossover events will further explore the impact of the Scourge's presence on these characters and their respective narratives.

The crossovers are seamlessly integrated into the larger "Dark Droids" storyline. The main cast of each series gradually becomes aware of the growing threat posed by the Scourge, but their ability to combat it remains limited. The Scourge's ability to hide within various droids across different factions adds a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Dark Droids: A Unique Blend of Horror and Star Wars

"Dark Droids" stands out as a unique addition to the Star Wars comic universe. By combining the beloved characters and setting of Star Wars with elements of horror, Charles Soule has crafted a narrative that pushes the boundaries of what fans have come to expect. The series offers a fresh perspective on the droid-centric side of the galaxy and explores the darker aspects of this technological landscape.

Dark C-3PO from Dark Droids
Dark C-3PO from Dark Droids

As the Scourge's power grows, readers can anticipate an escalation of mayhem and danger. With each droid he assimilates, the Scourge becomes smarter and more powerful, making him an increasingly formidable antagonist. The expansion of the series through crossovers ensures that the impact of the Scourge's reign of terror is felt throughout the Star Wars universe.


"Dark Droids" represents an exciting and innovative addition to the Star Wars comic canon. Charles Soule's fresh take on the droid-centric aspect of the galaxy, combined with Luke Ross's stunning artwork, creates a captivating and chilling narrative. Fans of Star Wars will find themselves drawn into a world where droids turn against their human masters, exploring the depths of horror within the familiar Star Wars universe.

With its unique blend of horror and Star Wars storytelling, "Dark Droids" offers readers a thrilling and captivating experience. As the series continues to unfold and expand, fans can look forward to further exploration of the Scourge's terrifying reign and its impact on their beloved characters. So buckle up and prepare for a journey into the dark side of the droid universe in "Dark Droids."

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