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"Uniting the Force: A Journey into the collections that celebrate the love for Star Wars"

Collections that celebrate the love for Star Wars"

Have you ever wondered how Star Wars enthusiasts manage to collect rare vintage toys that are also quite expensive? It must be quite challenging, especially for new collectors eager to get their hands on some Star Wars memorabilia. However, did you know that other options allow collectors to own pieces with similar quality and charm as the originals? This article explores the different categories of Star Wars toys and accessories, including originals, retro reproductions, custom pieces, and reproductions.

  • Vintage Original

  • Retro Collection Reproduction

  • Customs

  • "repros"

Image of Original R2-D2 with Sensor scope
Original R2-D2 with Sensor scope

By delving into the unique characteristics of each type, we will shed light on why collectors should embrace retro reproductions and custom Star Wars toys. Are you curious to know more about these options? Keep reading!

Vintage Originals: The Holy Grail of Star Wars Collectibles

Original Star Wars toys and accessories are the most sought-after items among collectors, period. These are the toys that were released during the initial wave of Star Wars merchandise, dating back to the late 1970s and early 1980s. The nostalgia attached to these items makes them highly desirable. However, due to their age and rarity, original Star Wars collectibles can be extremely difficult to find and outrageously expensive.

In the 70s and early 80s, Star Wars merchandise took the world by storm, capitalizing on the franchise's immense popularity. The range of products was diverse and appealing to fans of all ages. Star Wars merchandise was everywhere, from action figures and vehicles to board games and lunch boxes. Specific examples include the Kenner action figures, the Millennium Falcon playset, and the iconic Star Wars bed sheets. Today, some of the most valuable items from this era include the early bird certificate package, estimated to be worth around $10,000, and the vinyl-caped Jawa action figure, valued at approximately $18,000. The early Star Wars merchandise not only showcased the immense popularity of the franchise but also sparked a new era of collectability that continues today.

For a new collector, getting into the Star Wars collecting hobby may be challenging due to several factors:

  • The pandemic has caused the cancellation of events and gatherings, limiting new collectors' opportunities to interact with other collectors and learn from experienced enthusiasts.

  • The surge in demand for Star Wars collectibles, especially in the digital marketplace, has led to increased prices, making it more expensive for new collectors to acquire valuable items.

  • The vast and diverse range of Star Wars merchandise can be overwhelming for newcomers, as they may need help to navigate the various types of products and determine which ones are worth collecting.

  • The hobby has a dedicated community with established collectors who may have invested significant amounts of money into their collections, making it challenging for new collectors to catch up.

Retro Collection Reproduction: Bridging the Gap between Originals and New Collectors

It's exciting to know that officially licensed remakes of the original Star Wars toys and accessories are available. The license holder makes these Retro Collection reproductions and allows collectors to own items that remind them of the original releases. For those who are new to collecting, Retro Collection reproductions offer a fantastic opportunity to acquire the vintage pieces they've been dreaming of.

If you're a Star Wars fan, you want to take advantage of the Retro Collection by Kenner! It's the perfect chance to own replicas of the original toys and accessories from the 70s and 80s. You can get your hands on classics like the Retro Collection Han Solo (Hoth) figure, a near-perfect remake of the original 1980 version. And remember the Retro Collection Stormtrooper figure, which faithfully reproduces the iconic Stormtrooper from the original line. These fantastic replicas are designed to capture the nostalgia and charm of the original toys while providing a more affordable option for collectors who want to get their hands on vintage-inspired pieces. Remember that while the Retro Collection figures closely resemble their original counterparts, there might be slight variations in packaging or materials used. But rest assured, these replicas are a fantastic opportunity for new collectors to acquire a piece of Star Wars history!

  • The Similarities and Differences

It is important to note that retro reproductions of Star Wars toys are not exact replicas of the original items. There are subtle differences that inexperienced collectors can easily overlook. These differences range from color variations to discrepancies in packaging or production stamps. As a result, collectors should be cautious when purchasing retro reproductions and carefully examine them to ensure they are not being misled. While retro reproductions can be a good starting point for new collectors or a way to fill gaps in a collection, they do not hold the same historical value as the original toys. It is important to exercise caution when purchasing retro reproductions to avoid disappointment or false claims.

  • The Benefits of Retro Reproductions

Retro reproductions, like the Star Wars Retro Collection by Kenner, have the power to inspire collectors and fans alike. These reproductions offer an affordable option for collectors to own iconic characters and designs without breaking the bank. Moreover, they play a vital role in preserving the legacy of the Star Wars franchise for new generations to enjoy. With the Retro Collection, collectors can experience the joy and excitement of the classic Star Wars era. This accessibility and affordability contribute to the overall growth and inclusivity of the hobby, making it more accessible to a broader range of collectors. So, let's inspire each other and keep the nostalgia alive!

Custom Star Wars Toys: A Personal Touch to the Collection

Image of A Custom Princess Leia
A Custom Princess Leia

Custom Star Wars toys are a unique and personal addition to any collector's Star Wars collection. These handmade creations are crafted by dedicated individuals who deeply love the franchise. Custom pieces often feature characters or accessories not produced by the original manufacturers, allowing collectors to expand the variety of figures and accessories in their collections.

One of the major advantages of custom Star Wars toys is the expanded variety they offer to collectors. Different from the official releases, custom figures can include characters, vehicles, and accessories that were never produced or may have been overlooked by the original manufacturers. This allows collectors to explore a broader range of characters and scenes from the Star Wars universe, adding depth and diversity to their collection.

Additionally, custom Star Wars toys contribute to the value and growth of the hobby. These unique creations add a personal touch to a collector's collection and provide an opportunity for vintage collectors to complete their sets. Custom figures can fill in the gaps left by the original releases, allowing collectors a more comprehensive and complete collection. This adds value to the hobby as a whole and further preserves the legacy of the Star Wars franchise.

Custom Star Wars toys allow collectors to express their creativity and passion for the franchise. These unique creations expand the variety of figures and accessories available, adding value and depth to collectors' collections. Whether completing a vintage set or adding a personal touch, custom Star Wars toys are an excellent addition to any Star Wars enthusiast's collection.

Repros: The Controversial Side of Star Wars Collecting

An image of Reproduction Imperial Blasters
Reproduction Imperial Blasters

While repros, including low-quality 3D printed pieces, may not be favored by some collectors, they do have a place in the hobby of Star Wars collecting. Not everyone can afford authentic vintage items or even high-quality reproductions, and repros offer a more affordable option for enthusiasts who still want a piece of the Star Wars universe in their collection.

For collectors on a budget, repros provide an opportunity to acquire items they might not otherwise be able to afford. These replicas can help fans build a collection and experience the joy of owning Star Wars memorabilia, even if it's not real. While they may not have the same value or authenticity as original items, repros can still hold sentimental value for collectors who appreciate the franchise and want to showcase their passion.

It's important, however, to ensure transparency regarding repros. They should never be sold or marketed as vintage or authentic pieces. This distinction is crucial to maintaining the collecting community's integrity and preventing deception. Collectors should always be aware of what they are purchasing and know the authenticity of the items they add to their collection.

While repros, including low-quality 3D printed pieces, may only be highly regarded by some collectors, they do serve a purpose in the hobby. They offer a more accessible option for Star Wars enthusiasts who may be unable to afford vintage or high-quality reproductions. As long as transparency is maintained and they are not misrepresented as authentic, repros can still bring joy and satisfaction to collectors who appreciate the Star Wars universe.


In the world of Star Wars collecting, the variety of toy options available allows enthusiasts to curate diverse and exciting collections. While originals hold a special place in collectors' hearts, retro reproductions, and custom Star Wars toys offer alternative avenues for enthusiasts to explore. Retro reproductions bridge the gap between new collectors and the vintage items they desire, while custom toys add a personal touch and expand the boundaries of the Star Wars universe. By appreciating the unique qualities of each category and maintaining transparency within the collecting community, we can foster a vibrant and inclusive hobby that celebrates the love for Star Wars in all its forms.

So, whether you're a purist, a retro enthusiast, or a custom creator, may the Force be with you on your Star Wars collecting journey!

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