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I am 2 years old today!

December 8th, 2022, marks the second anniversary of my “re-birthday.” It’s been a long journey to get to where I am today, and it’s one that I’m endlessly thankful for.

After facing a near-death experience, it wasn’t easy to come back and embrace life with a newfound appreciation. But with the help of my family, doctors, and fantastic donor, I’ve been able to make it this far.

For those struggling with their battles, I want to encourage you to stay strong. It’s a long and hard fight, but it can be done. Though the fear of relapse may always be present, it’s a fear that can be overcome with courage and perseverance. Today is an important day for me, not just because it marks two years of being healthy but also because it gives me a chance to reflect on how far I’ve come.

I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been, and I want to thank everyone who has been part of my journey. For anyone out there who is in the trenches of their battles, know that you’re not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s worth fighting for. This is my sincere wish for you and everyone who has been part of my journey.

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