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My Little Power Droid

Do you have a vintage Star Wars Power Droid figure that needs some TLC? Or have you recently seen one sitting in the corner of a thrift store and decided to take it home with you? No matter the reason, restoring a vintage Star Wars Power Droid is a great way to bring a piece of memorabilia back to life.

Power Droid
Before Cleaning

Recently, I had the pleasure of restoring a Star Wars Power Droid Action Figure. When I first acquired him, he had no stickers and was missing his antenna. After thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing, I decided to forgo painting him. Instead, I chose the more authentic route of leaving some of the wear and tear in place and only replacing the stickers with a set I acquired from Star Toys Restorations. I choose a custom front panel sticker to give him a unique touch. To replace his antenna, I found a perfect match from Boyne City Comics.

Seeing the difference in my Power Droid after the restoration was exciting. He was much closer to his original condition but still with my personal touch. I was proud of my work, and it was a great reminder of why restoring vintage toys can be so rewarding.

Power Droid
After Repairs

Whether you are an experienced collector or a newbie to the hobby, restoring a vintage Star Wars Power Droid is a great way to enjoy the nostalgia of the classic film franchise. With a few replacement parts and some elbow grease, you can bring a vintage Action Figure back to life and offer it a chance to take place among your other collectibles.

Cheers, Hophead Jon

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