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"Red Bar" R5-D4

Star Wars droids have been a favorite among collectors for decades. The “Red Bar” RD-D4 variant has recently been the source of much fascination and interest from collectors. This variant exists on the sticker of the action figure, which is, unfortunately, often the first part to deteriorate. As a result, it is considered highly valuable, whether it is still on the card or loose.

In addition, there are also easy-to-reproduce reproduction stickers that emulate the “Red Bar.” However, it is important to consider this when buying or selling the action figure. Any reproduction parts should be identified before the action figure changes hands.

Regular R5-D4 on the left and the elusive "Red Bar" on the right.
Regular R5-D4 on the left and the elusive "Red Bar" on the right.

Collecting Star Wars toys is like a treasure hunt. Finding and identifying variants can be a thrilling experience, and the “Red Bar” RD-D4 is one of the latest, most sought-after variants. So it is an exciting challenge for severe collectors to find and acquire one of these rare and valuable pieces.

The value of an authentic R5-D4 action figure can vary greatly depending on its condition and its rarity. A mint condition figure can fetch upwards of $1,000, while a worn figure can still fetch a few hundred dollars.

The figure is highly sought after by Star Wars collectors for its rarity and its connection to the original movie. Its value has only increased over time and will likely continue to grow as the years go on.

Some are available on eBay; it may be surprised how well the price holds, even with a worn sticker.

Check out the latest prices on the "Red Bar" R5-D4 here: R5-D4 "Red Bar"

The rare red bar R5-D4 action figure is highly sought-after and a must-have for any Star Wars collector. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find, but it can be found with patience and perseverance.

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