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# Restoring an Imperial Stormtrooper

The Imperial Stormtrooper in Hoth Battlegear is an iconic character in the Star Wars universe and one of my favorite figures. Restoring one of these figures is a rewarding task.

When I began, my Stormtrooper wasn't in the worst condition. He had some yellowing, which is to be expected with age, and some areas of missing black paint. After researching, I found that Model Color acrylic-colors 70.950 Black could be used to restore the missing paint.

The first step was to clean and de-yellow the Stormtrooper. I use the RetroBright method to accomplish this. Before and after the whitening process, he was washed with Dawn dish soap and warm water.

I used a fine brush for the missing paint and carefully filled in the missing areas. I used a light touch to avoid over-painting and ruining the original look. I also made sure to allow for adequate drying time between each coat of paint. After several days of careful work, my Stormtrooper was restored to his former glory.

When restoring a Star Wars figure for display, one of the most important aspects is finding the right weapons and accessories. Naturally, the original Kenner weapons and accessories are the most desirable, but they can be cost-prohibitive for some. Fortunately, there are quality reproductions available for a fraction of the cost.

For example, I used an Imperial Hoth Rifle from Bluesnagmans Vintage Star Wars Toys for the stormtrooper figure. The blaster is of excellent quality and very reasonably priced. It also has a nice weight and does not float like other repro blasters.

I found the cape at Boyne City Comics. They have a great selection of cloaks and capes, and I was pleased to find this vinyl cape indistinguishable from the original.

Overall, getting quality, reasonably priced reproductions of Kenner weapons and accessories is possible if you know where to look. For my stormtrooper figure, the combination of Bluesnagmans Vintage Star Wars Toys and Boyne City Comics gave me a great selection at an excellent price.

The project was both challenging and rewarding. I was pleased with the results, and my Stormtrooper now stands proudly in my collection. Restoring a vintage figure is no easy task, but the result is well worth the effort.

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