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Shirley Bonne as Ruth in "Shore Leave"

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A Digital Tribute from GoFigment

Shirley Bonne
Shirley Bonne

Shirley Bonne - Shore Leave

A Tribute to Female Guest Stars of Star Trek: The Original Series - Ruth from "Shore Leave"

As a passionate artist and an avid Star Trek fan, I've embarked on a journey to celebrate the incredible women who graced the screen in the original series. These talented actresses played unique characters that helped shape the Star Trek universe, inspiring generations of fans. Today, I am excited to share my latest work - a digitally enhanced image of Ruth, portrayed by Shirley Bonne, from the iconic episode "Shore Leave." This tribute is a part of my ongoing series at, where you can explore more of my art inspired by these trailblazing women.

Breaking Barriers: The Women of Star Trek

The original Star Trek series pioneered breaking societal norms and championing diversity. Female guest stars were essential in this groundbreaking movement, portraying empowered characters that broke free from traditional gender roles. They showcased strength, intelligence, and determination, proving that women could excel in a futuristic world alongside their male counterparts.

Shirley Bonne as Ruth in "Shore Leave"

In the classic episode "Shore Leave," Shirley Bonne brought to life the character of Ruth, a captivating woman from Captain Kirk's past. Her performance was enchanting and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on Star Trek fans. As Ruth, Bonne was able to convey a sense of mystery and allure, all while demonstrating the emotional depth of her character.

Digital Enhancement: Appreciating the Artistry

As an artist, I, Hophead Jon, strive to create visually stunning art that pays homage to these exceptional actresses and their characters. My digitally enhanced image of Ruth showcases the vibrant colors and intricate details that help bring Shirley Bonne's performance to life, all while staying true to the essence of the original Star Trek series.

This tribute to Ruth and Shirley Bonne is a testament to their undeniable impact on the show and the millions of fans who grew up watching it. Through my art, I aim to inspire others to appreciate the trailblazing women who helped make the Enterprise a great place to grow up watching.

Explore More at

I invite you to visit to view my complete collection of digitally enhanced images featuring other female guest stars from Star Trek: The Original Series. Join me in celebrating their contributions to the groundbreaking show, and let's keep the legacy of these talented women alive for future generations.

The Star Trek universe is the same with the powerful presence of its female guest stars. Looking back on their groundbreaking performances, we must recognize their impact and appreciate the barriers they helped break. I honor their contributions and inspire others to do the same through my art. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey, and remember to visit to explore more beautiful tributes. Live long and prosper!

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