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Why Super7 GI Joe Action Figures Are a Collector's Dream

This is an image of the Super 7 Action Figures
GI Joe A Real American Hero

Rediscovering the magic of childhood memories through collectibles has always sparked a unique sense of joy and nostalgia, especially when it comes to the realm of action figures. GI Joe action figures are a quintessential symbol of this cherished era, embodying the adventures and stories created during playtime and the evolution of action figures as a craft. With the introduction of Super7’s GI Joe figures, collectors are invited to relive those golden days, merging the nostalgic charm of the original A Real American Hero series with cutting-edge design and detail. This fusion not only reignites the passions of long-time enthusiasts but also captivates new collectors, pulling them into Gi Joe's rich lore and legacy.

I want to explore the nostalgic revival of Gi Joe action figures through the visionary collaboration between Super7 and the iconic brand. Highlighting how these Super7 figures compare with their 1980s counterparts, the discussion will cover the background of GI Joe action figures, key collaboration highlights, a detailed look at what makes Super7's offerings a collector's dream, and where to find these treasures. Along with insights into pricing, this narrative will serve as a guide for both veteran collectors and newcomers alike, inviting them into a world where childhood memories and collector’s aspirations converge seamlessly.

Background of G.I. Joe Action Figures

Original Concept

Picture of Stan Weston at his Manhattan office in 1990 with characters he had licensed
Stan Weston at his Manhattan office in 1990 with Gi Joe.

The inception of G.I. Joe dates back to 1963 when Stanley Weston, a licensing agent from Manhattan, conceived the idea of a military action figure. Weston's initial prototypes and marketing materials demonstrated the potential sales of such a toy. Upon presenting these to Donald Levine, an executive at Hasbro, Levine predicted a lucrative future, exclaiming, "You will make a fortune with these" 12. The concept was then licensed to Hasbro for $100,000, marking the birth of a legendary figure in toy history 34.

Cultural Impact

G.I. Joe was not just a toy; it became an American icon, resonating with children and reflecting the societal attitudes of its time 5. Introduced by Hasbro in 1964, the figure featured 21 moving parts and represented various branches of the US Armed Forces, which was a novelty at the time. The figure's design allowed for dynamic play, with uniforms and accessories mirroring real military gear, making G.I. Joe a pioneer in the action figure market.

As the social and political climates evolved, so did G.I. Joe. The late 1960s and early 1970s saw a shift in the toy's military persona to more adventure-oriented roles, reflecting the public's growing disapproval of the Vietnam War. This change included new figures like the 'adventure team commander' and the introduction of 'Kung Fu Grip', enhancing the figure's appeal during a time when public sentiment against war toys was strong.

Image of Vintage GI Joe Action Figures
The scope and quality of G.I. Joe action figures introduced in 1982 was staggering.

In response to the Civil Rights Movement, Hasbro introduced one of the first toys marketed specifically to African-American children—the black G.I. Joe 1. The 1980s further transformed G.I. Joe with a series of smaller, more detailed figures that included elaborate backstories and a new nemesis, Cobra, adding depth to the narrative and reinvigorating interest among a new generation of children.

The legacy of G.I. Joe is profound, influencing not just the toy industry but also cultural perceptions of heroism and patriotism. It remains a significant figure in the realm of collectibles, embodying the valor and spirit of the American soldier while adapting to the changing times.

Collaboration Highlights

Super7's enthusiasm for their partnership with Hasbro is palpable as they bring the world of G.I. JOE to their ReAction and ULTIMATES! lines of collectible figures. Brian Flynn, the founder and owner of Super7, recalls the distinct worlds created by toy lines of the 70s and 80s, such as Star Wars and G.I. JOE, which were integral to many childhoods. He deeply appreciates the opportunity to delve into G.I. JOE's rich history and create new action figures that resonate with collectors 33.

Hasbro and Super7 Partnership

The collaboration between Hasbro and Super7 marks a significant milestone, especially as it coincides with G.I. Joe's 60th anniversary. The latest Super7's Ultimates line collection features prominent female characters from G.I. Joe, like Baroness, Lady Jay, and Scarlett. The meticulous attention to detail in sculpting and premium paint enhances the figures' appeal, making them not just toys but collectible art 4.

Fan Reactions

Fan reactions to the new releases have been overwhelmingly positive. Collectors appreciate the diversity in the figures produced by Super7, especially those that Hasbro hasn't released in the USA. This includes figures like a cartoon-accurate Flint, the laser cobra space trooper, and the game master drone. Enthusiasts are using platforms like Target to acquire exclusive figures such as TIGER FORCE Shipwreck, which has been particularly well-received for its quality and design. The availability of such figures has created a buzz among collectors eager to expand their G.I. Joe collections with these unique and well-crafted pieces 6.

Detailed Look at Super7 Figures

Design Features

Super7's approach to the G.I. Joe ReAction figures is a masterclass blending nostalgia with modern design. Each figure, standing at a 3.75" scale, is meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of the original G.I. Joe series while incorporating contemporary styling and functionality. For instance, the Cobra Snow Serpent is equipped for arctic warfare with detailed cold-weather gear and accessories like a backpack and blaster 7. Similarly, the Sabre Tooth figure, inspired by an unreleased vintage design, features modern articulation and a blaster accessory, making it a unique addition to any collection 7.

The design ethos extends to specialized figures like the Red Jackal, a nod to vintage U.K. exclusives, which showcases intricate details such as a black and red colorway with silver vac-metal accents. This figure respects its character's legacy and enhances it with modern collectible standards 7.

Character Highlights

Super7 expands the G.I. Joe universe with characters that resonate with long-time fans and new collectors. The Arctic Rescue Vehicle set, for example, highlights a memorable moment from the G.I. Joe animated series featuring Snake Eyes and a Blind Woodsman, both designed with unique attributes like glow-in-the-dark features for Snake Eyes 8.

Further enriching the lineup, Super7 introduces figures from the Python Patrol and Tiger Force units, previously unexplored in toy form. These figures, such as the new vintage-inspired Duke and never-before-seen versions of Snake Eyes and Scarlett in Tiger Force attire, allow fans to delve deeper into the G.I. Joe lore 8.

Moreover, including diverse Cobra Troopers featuring different hairstyles, skin tones, and accessories reflects Super7’s commitment to diversity and representation within their figure range. This attention to detail and dedication to inclusivity not only honors the spirit of the original series but also aligns with contemporary values 8.

Start Your Collection of GI Joe Action Figures

As I reflect upon the journey of GI Joe action figures from their genesis in the 1960s to the innovative creations by Super7, it's clear that these collectibles offer more than just a sense of nostalgia; they bridge the gap between past and present, inviting collectors to relive cherished memories while embracing the evolution of a beloved franchise. The collaboration between Super7 and GI Joe has honored the legacy of these iconic figures and introduced a level of craftsmanship and detail that resonates with both veteran collectors and new fans alike. The meticulous design, diverse character roster, and homage to the original essence of GI Joe action figures underscore these collectibles' enduring appeal and significance in the hearts of enthusiasts.

In this spirit of appreciation and reminiscence, those who have fond memories of embarking on backyard missions with GI Joe figures are encouraged to discover the modern iterations of their childhood heroes. As the Super7 collection continues to captivate with its attention to detail, fidelity to the original series, and innovative additions, it promises to rekindle the joy of collecting and create new memories for future generations.

For those inspired to embark on this nostalgic journey once more, the opportunity to enhance your collection with these remarkable figures awaits at Go Figment on eBay, where the bridge between past and present is just a click away.

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