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The Girls of Star Trek

Nurse Christine Chapel 1.5

Majel Barrett

Nurse Christine Chapel 1.5
TOS Computer
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TOS Transporter
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TOS Suspense
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Nurse Christine Chapel 1.5

Majel Barrett

The Naked Time

Star Date Panel



Nurse Christine Chapel 1.5

Image Prior to Restoration





Kirk commands Scott to restart the warp engines at their highest capability, a hazardous procedure that combines matter and antimatter in an inactive state to create a managed explosion and push the vessel away from the planet. This is based on a hypothesis suggesting a connection between time and antimatter, but it has not been attempted before. The restart is successful, thrusting the Enterprise at inconceivable speed from the planet into a space-time warp that returns the ship to 71 hours prior. Spock remarks they now know a way to time travel. Kirk's answer is "Maybe we can try it someday, Mr. Spock."

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