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The Girls of Star Trek

Roberta Lincoln

Teri Garr

Roberta Lincoln
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Roberta Lincoln

Teri Garr

Assignment: Earth

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Roberta Lincoln

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Star Date: Unknown. Location: Earth in the year 1968.

Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura are flung back in time to 1968, Earth. They must find their way back to the Enterprise before time and space are permanently altered.

The episode features Robert Lansing as Gary Seven, the mysterious visitor from the future. The beautiful Teri Garr assists him as Roberta Lincoln, a secretary from the 1968 era. Roberta helps Gary Seven in his mission to prevent a global catastrophe and prove that there is hope for the future of mankind.

The crew of the Enterprise is confronted by a powerful alien race known as the Gamma Trianguli VI, who are determined to prevent the Enterprise from leaving Earth. Kirk and his team must find a way to thwart their plans and allow the Enterprise to return safely to its place in the 23rd century.

The episode also features the first appearance of Jeanne Bal as Kelinda, the beautiful and mysterious alien from the Gamma Trianguli VI race. She plays a crucial role in the crew's mission.

The crew of the Enterprise must use their wits and skills to defeat the Gamma Trianguli VI and return to their own time. Fortunately, their efforts are successful, and the Enterprise returns home safely.

Teri Garr appeared in several other films and television shows after her appearance on Star Trek. Most famously, she starred in the classic comedy film Young Frankenstein. She also appeared in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Tootsie, among many other projects.

The episode was shot entirely on location in Los Angeles, California. It was the first episode of the series to be filmed outside the studio and the only episode to be filmed entirely on location. It was also the only episode of the original series to be filmed in color.

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