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The Girls of Star Trek

Romulan Comander

Joanne Linville

Romulan Comander
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Romulan Comander

Joanne Linville

The Enterprise Incident

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Romulan Comander

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The captain of the Federation starship USS Enterprise, Captain Kirk, navigated it into Romulan space with no permission from Starfleet, which the bridge crew was aware of. Romulan ships stopped the Enterprise, and Kirk discussed the prospect of surrendering the boat with them, granting an hour to contemplate. Finally, Kirk and his Vulcan First Officer Spock are welcomed onto the Romulan flagship.
Once they arrive, the Romulan commander inquires about their entrance into Romulan space. Kirk claims a technical glitch made the ship wander off course, but Spock admits that it was the captain's order and asserts that he is insane. Romulan guards then escort Kirk to their jail.

While alone with Spock in her cabin, the commander asked him about his career. She contended that humans may have dismissed his competencies and capabilities by not permitting him to command a ship, but the Romulans, if willing, would not make the same fault.

In the Romulan jail, Kirk hurts himself by propelling himself against the force field entrance. The Enterprise requests Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy to look after him. The commander orders McCoy to affirm Spock's portrayal of the captain as mentally unbalanced, and McCoy does so, at which point the commander requests Spock to take control of the Enterprise. Kirk, accusing Spock of treachery, goes on the offensive, and Spock defends himself using what he calls the "Vulcan death grip." Kirk falls to the floor, and McCoy pronounces him dead.

After coming out of the trance-like state caused by the "death grip," Kirk regains consciousness on the Enterprise. His crazed behavior, the mission into Romulan space without authorization, and Spock's supposed deception were all part of a covert scheme by the Federation to take a Romulan cloaking device. Kirk demands Dr. McCoy to perform an operation that will give him Romulan features, and then he teleports back to the Romulan vessel while impersonating one of their personnel.

At the same time, Spock and the commander ate in her room, and their talk became close. When the commander left to switch her outfit, Spock told Kirk through the communicator about the whereabouts of the cloaking device. His message was seen and monitored, and Spock gave himself up to the Romulan officers, yet they were too late to stop Kirk from taking the cloaking device and carrying it back to the Enterprise.

The Chief Engineer, Scott, tried to adjust the Romulan cloaking device to the Enterprise, while Chekov managed to identify Spock's vital signs from the Romulans'. Once brought to the Enterprise, Kirk gave directions to return to the Federation area. The Romulans were ready to shoot, but Scott was able to activate the cloaking device, and the Enterprise suddenly vanished in front of them. The newly-captured Romulan commander mentioned to Spock that any gain the Federation would get from examining the new cloaking device pattern would be short-term since, shortly, the Romulans will figure out a way to get around it. Spock accepted that military secrets are usually the most fleeting of all.

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