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The Girls of Star Trek


Lois Jewell

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Lois Jewell

Bread and Circuses

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Star Date: Unknown
Location: Planet 892-IV

In the Star Trek, The Original Series episode "Bread and Circuses," Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew find themselves on a planet where the Roman Empire never fell. When they arrive, they are immediately captured by Roman-like guards and brought before the planet's ruler, a former Starfleet captain named Merik.

The Enterprise crew soon realizes that the planet's inhabitants are slaves who are forced to entertain the ruling class with spectacles like gladiator fights and chariot races. Upon learning this, Kirk and the crew set out to free the planet's enslaved people while also trying to determine the true nature of the planet's ruling class.

The female characters in this episode include Uhura (played by Nichelle Nichols), a communications officer on the Enterprise, and Miramanee (played by Sabrina Scharf), an enslaved woman on the planet who is forced to participate in the chariot races. Both Uhura and Miramanee play an essential role in the episode. Uhura helps Kirk and the crew figure out a way to free the planet's slaves, while Miramanee helps the Enterprise crew access Merik's palace.

The episode's antagonists include Merik and his henchman, a Roman-like guard named Flavius. Merik is determined to keep his slaves in captivity, and Flavius is an enemy of the Enterprise crew.

Kirk and the crew eventually find a way to free the planet's slaves, defeat Merik and Flavius, and restore the planet to its rightful state. In the process, Miramanee helps the Enterprise crew access the palace, while Uhura helps the crew find a way to free the slaves.

The episode's lead actress, Sabrina Scharf, had a successful career in television and film, including roles in shows such as Hawaii Five-O, The Rockford Files, Little House on the Prairie, and Dallas.

This episode of Star Trek, The Original Series, was filmed at the Desilu Studios in Culver City, California. It was the second episode of the series to feature the character of Uhura and the first to feature the character of Miramanee.

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