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Step into a world of boundless imagination and wonder at Go Figment, where vintage science fiction toys are more than mere playthings. They offer a captivating glimpse into a bygone era of limitless possibilities. Immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of Star Trek, as we present the original comics in a captivating flipbook format. Embark on a journey through uncharted territories, encountering new civilizations and boldly venturing where no one has gone before!

Unleash the Force of Knowledge with our extensive collection of books and papers from across the galaxy. Discover unique, creative, and high-quality items to enhance and complete your Star Trek collection. Prepare for an electrifying tribute to the unsung heroines of Star Trek The Original Series, brought to life by the masterful storytelling of Hophead Jon. From Uhura's groundbreaking role as a black woman in space to Lieutenant Marla McGivers' fateful love affair with Khan, these remarkable women have left an indelible mark on sci-fi and feminist history.

At GoFigment, we offer more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We provide a portal to the past, where you can explore the rich history of beloved toy lines from K-Mart to Woolworths. Immerse yourself in our Star Wars Toys Database, where you can browse and download to your heart's content. Our website is continuously updated, ensuring you have access to the latest treasures from the galaxy far, far away.

Welcome to a destination for sci-fi enthusiasts and collectors alike. celebrates the captivating world of sci-fi, toys, comic books, and all things retro. With a particular passion for Star Wars and Star Trek, we invite you to dive into our blog, where we bring episodes from the original series to life and explore their relevance in today's context. Indulge your artistic side with our meticulously restored and enhanced images from the Star Trek TV show, crafted with love and an unwavering dedication to visual storytelling.

As the captain of this starship, I want to share a little secret with you: when you purchase through our links, you're supporting our mission to provide honest and trustworthy recommendations. We carefully curate our product selections, ensuring they are warp-speedworthy and ready to take your journey to the next level. Your clicks and purchases fuel our engines, enabling us to explore the vast depths of the intergalactic marketplace in search of the best deals and hidden treasures.

Rest assured, our commitment to you, our fellow space travelers, is unwavering. We will never recommend something that doesn't align with our values or that we wouldn't use ourselves. Your trust means more to us than all the gold-pressed Latinum in the Gamma Quadrant. So, set your phasers to "shop" and join us on this extraordinary voyage at GoFigment. Together, we'll navigate the vast universe of products and uncover the hidden gems that will truly make your life out of this world.


Live long and prosper,

Hophead Jon Captain of GoFigment



Welcome, fellow spacefarer!


At our trusted website, your privacy means the world to us. We pride ourselves on being an information sanctuary, collecting only the email addresses of those who willingly share them.


Rest assured, your data is as secure as the shields of the Starship Enterprise. Our mission is to bring you the finest Sci-Fi treasures the galaxy has to offer.


While we do engage in the noble art of commerce, our profits are derived solely from our affiliate links to eBay, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience for you, our esteemed customer.


So, join us on this interstellar journey and boldly explore the vast universe of Sci-Fi collectibles. Engage!

Meet Figment's Friends


The Visionary

Figment the Visionary: As the leader of the group, Figment is a true visionary. With his bright yellow exterior and imaginative mind, he constantly comes up with new ideas to bring joy to children through vintage toys. Whether it's designing innovative mechanisms or creating whimsical adventures, Figment leads the way in creating magical experiences.



The Eternal Child

Redd the Eternal Child: Redd is the embodiment of eternal youth and playfulness. With his vibrant red paint and infectious laughter, he brings a sense of joy and wonder to every interaction. His love for vintage toys is unmatched, and he delights in sharing his enthusiasm with children, reminding them of the importance of embracing their inner child.



The Heart

Nova the Heart: Nova is a unique and unpredictable robot, with her shimmering green exterior and a heart full of compassion. While she may sometimes defy logic, her unwavering empathy and deep connection to children make her an invaluable member of the group. Nova puts the needs and happiness of children above all else, going above and beyond to bring comfort, joy, and laughter to those in need.



The Perfectionist

Vi the Perfectionist: Vi is the meticulous member of the group, with her intricate purple design and attention to detail. She takes great pride in restoring and preserving vintage toys, ensuring that each piece is expertly repaired and maintained. Vi's perfectionism extends to her playful nature, as she meticulously plans and executes imaginative playtime scenarios for children, leaving no detail untouched.


Why Go Figment?

Go Figment is a website I created to share my passions and experiences after facing a long and hard battle with cancer. My wife and I have been through a lot together, and we both found that writing and creating helped us stay positive and inspired. It is so important to remember that life is for the living. We should not put off things for some time because someday may never come. Instead, we should make the most of each moment and be grateful for all we have.

In the past, I used to delay my plans for another time, like my dream trip to the Grand Canyon or building a log cabin in my backyard. It seemed like I could never find the right moment to make them happen. It left me feeling like I was always waiting for something that might never come.

However, after spending 25 years in the homebrewing industry, I had to let that go so that I could focus on beating cancer. That experience inspired me to start Go Figment to encourage others to keep making plans, even when faced with challenges. Because no matter what life throws our way, there's always hope for a brighter future.

Since childhood, I have always been a sci-fi nerd. And now, I want to relive some of that old excitement of opening up new Star Wars Toys on Christmas morning. I have always had a collection of "Star Wars Guys" (that's what we called them growing up) that I have curated since childhood. I want to finally set them up, complete and expand my collection, and share this experience with my family, children, and you.

This website will never have a paywall or fees. Instead, the information is from my collection of toys, experiences, and piles of information I have acquired over the years that are free to enjoy.

You are welcome to anything that is on this website. Copy it, download it, and take a screenshot. Then, do with it what you will. I mention other great websites. However, the information from their websites or intellectual property is subject to that website's rules.

May The Force Be With You! and "Never Stop Making Plans"

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