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Shadow Sisters
Shadow Sisters

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The Shadow Sisters are a group of female bounty hunters from different star systems and planets in the Star Wars universe. They have all faced criticism and discrimination for being female, as the Empire and Sith leaders often preferred to hire male bounty hunters. Despite this, the Shadow Sisters refused to be held back by their gender and decided to band together to prove their worth.   Each group member works separately to claim their bounties, but they always respond to a call for help from any of the others. They have a deep bond of sisterhood and protect each other at all costs. Even when they disagree with each other, they always prioritize the safety and well-being of the group. The Shadow Sisters' reputation for being fierce and skilled bounty hunters has grown over time, and they have become some of the most sought-after hunters in the galaxy. However, they still face challenges and obstacles due to their gender and constantly push back against the patriarchal systems that seek to limit them.   Despite the odds stacked against them, the Shadow Sisters continue to fight for their place in the bounty-hunting world. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their determination and loyalty to each other make them a formidable group of hunters. The creation of the Shadow Sisters was sparked by a traumatic incident between the two founders, Vexxa Kressh and Zalara Mindar, and a Sith lord who refused to pay them when he realized they were women. Vexxa and Zalara had worked tirelessly to complete the job, and when it came time for payment, the Sith lord turned them away and treated them with disrespect, belittling them for their gender.   Feeling humiliated and betrayed, Vexxa and Zalara knew they needed to take action to prevent this kind of treatment from happening again. They realized it would be much harder for others to take advantage of them if they could build a group of female bounty hunters. After recruiting a few other women who had experienced similar discrimination, the Shadow Sisters were born. Although they faced initial skepticism from clients and competitors, the Sisters quickly proved themselves to be some of the most skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy. Over time, they built up a reputation for their tenacity, skill, and fierce loyalty to each other.   Despite opposition from those who refused to take them seriously, the Shadow Sisters continued to thrive and grow. They symbolized hope and empowerment for women throughout the galaxy, inspiring many young girls to pursue careers in bounty hunting and other male-dominated fields. Ultimately, the Sith lord who had betrayed Vexxa and Kyra learned that underestimating the Shadow Sisters was a mistake he would never make again. The Sisters had each other's backs and could stand up to anyone who tried to bring them down.

The Shadow Sisters, digitally imagined by Hop Head Jon


Allegra Greyson


Kyra Vash


Nalia Shima


Vexxa Kressh




Lyra Korrinorn


Sorya Ofan


Zalara Mindar


Ilta Nelik


Nala Krieger


Tusken Warrioress


Zara Kaine

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