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Anya was born on Alderaan, a beautiful planet home to a peaceful and prosperous civilization. However, Anya's life was turned upside down when the Empire destroyed Alderaan, killing her parents and millions of others.

Anya was orphaned at a young age and was taken in by a group of pirates. The pirates were not very kind to Anya and often made fun of her. They took her in the chaos after her homeworld's destruction. Fighting for her life, Anya learned to blend in so she would not be noticed. She learned to change her appearance and to act like someone she was not. This skill of disguise was beneficial to her on her path to becoming a bounty hunter.

Anya eventually escaped from the pirates and made her way to the planet Tatooine. On Tatooine, Anya met a pair of bounty hunters, Vexxa and Kyra, who took her under their wing and taught her the skills she needed to survive in the galaxy.

Vexxa and Kyra were on a mission to capture a man named Xerxes. Xerxes was a ruthless warlord who had terrorized the neighboring systems for years. He was a master of deception and manipulation and had a large and loyal following of pirates. The very same pirates Anya escaped from.

Tusken Warrioress

Vexxa and Kyra tracked Xerxes to the planet Tatooine. Xerxes made his money through various criminal activities, including smuggling, extortion, and murder. He was also involved in the spice trade and used his position to take advantage of the people of Tatooine.

Xerxes was a cruel and sadistic man. He took pleasure in the suffering of others, and he was not above using violence to get what he wanted. However, he was also brilliant, always one step ahead of his enemies. These qualities made him arrogant. And that arrogance allowed Anya to stow away on his ship.

Anya made her way to Tatooine by hiding on Xerxes' ship. She knew Xerxes was dangerous but determined to bring him down for what he and the pirates did to her home. So she snuck onto his ship and hid in the cargo hold.

Vexxa and Kyra were good at their job. They had been tracking Xerxes for weeks and finally tracked him down to Tatooine. They hid in the shadows, watching him disembark from his ship. They were hidden behind a pile of crates, and they were careful not to make any noise. Xerxes was dangerous, and they knew they had to be cautious to stop him.

Xerxes was a tall, imposing figure. He had a long, black beard and a scar that ran down the side of his face. He was dressed in black armor and carried a blaster pistol.

Xerxes walked out of the landing bay and into the hot Tatooine sun. He stopped, looked around, and started walking toward the city. They knew they had to follow him but were curious about the girl who had just stepped off his ship. Vexxa and Kyra watched in surprise as the girl snuck off Xerxes' boat. They had been tracking Xerxes for weeks and had never seen the girl before. They were curious about who she was and what she was doing with Xerxes.

They decided to split up. Vexxa would follow the girl, and Kyra would stay with Xerxes. The girl led Vexxa to a small cantina on the outskirts of town. She went inside and sat down at a table in the back. Vexxa followed her inside and sat down at a table in the corner.

Vexxa noticed Xerxes talking to a few people at the other end of the Cantina. She also saw Kyra standing further back, in the darkness, watching Xerxes and his meeting. They exchanged a quick nod to each other. They have worked together for a long time and can communicate with just a glance.

Anya watched Xerxes from across the Cantina. He was sitting at a table with a group of his men, and they were all laughing and talking. Anya felt a surge of anger as she watched him. She knew he was responsible for the death of her parents, and she was determined to make him pay.

Anya took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She knew that she couldn't just rush in and attack Xerxes. She needed to be careful and plan her attack carefully. Vexxa walked over to Anya's table and smiled. "Excuse me," she said. "Is this seat taken?"

Anya, nervously looked up at Vexxa and shook her head. "No, please," she said. "Have a seat." Vexxa sat down and ordered a drink. She made small talk with Anya for a few minutes, still keeping an eye on Kyra and Xerxes. Then, curious about how this girl fits this situation, she said, "You seem a little nervous. Is everything okay?"

Anya took a deep breath. "I'm fine," she said. "Just a little nervous."

"About what?" Vexxa asked.

Anya hesitated. She didn't know if she could trust Vexxa, but she also knew she needed someone to talk to. She looked intently at Vexxa. She sat quietly for a moment, weighing her options. She had come this far and felt she had nothing to lose. She didn't even believe she would be alive after she was finished with Vexxa. So, she figured, 'what the hell?'. "I'm planning something," she said. "Something dangerous."

Vexxa raised her eyebrows. "Oh?" she said. "What kind of something?"

Anya looked around the Cantina, making sure that no one was listening. "I'm going to kill someone," she said.

Vexxa didn't say anything for a moment. She just stared at Anya, her eyes wide. Then, she said, "I see."

They both sat quietly for a moment. Finally, Vexxa looked at Anya and spoke one soft word, "who?".

Anya did not answer but stared at Xerxes very intently. Vexxa knew that look of determination. She had seen it before. She glanced in the direction Anya was looking. She saw Xerxes at the other end of the Cantina, talking with his friends, and Kyra watching silently in the background. "Oh," whispered Vexxa, "him,"

Anya turned her head to Vexxa, "you know him?". She asked the question, but it sounded more like a statement of fact.

"Yes, I do," Vexxa replied. Now, curious about who this girl was, she said, "I am Vexxa. What is your name?'

Anya took a moment before she answered. Then, finally, she softly said, "Anya."

Vexxa and Anya tensed up when they saw that Xerxes stood up to leave. Anya, already anxious, stood up quickly, too quickly. She drew the attention of Kyra, who was watching Xerxes from the back. Xerxes was now looking directly at Anya.

"Shit," Anya muttered.

Anya and Xerxes locked eyes, as did Vexxa and Kyra. Xerxes seemed completely surprised to see Krya. The last he saw her was before he boarded his ship. Quickly, he concluded that she must have stowed away. At the same time, he smiled. Not a 'happy to see your smile.' It was more of an 'I am going to kill you smile.' He then walked over to Vexxa and Anya and stopped before them. He looked at Anya with cold eyes.

"I see you are trying to escape again. You belong to me," he said. He spoke with authority while keeping his voice to a minimum.

Xerxes turned from his intense eye contact with Anya and glanced at Vexxa. "Who are you?" he grunted.

Vexxa didn't say anything. Instead, she just stared at Xerxes with defiance in her eyes. Then, finally, he raised his hand, and Vexxa knew he would strike Anya. Vexxa moved quickly to get between them, and to her shock, Xerxes hit Vexxa with full force, and she was knocked to the ground. She felt a sharp pain in her head, and she knew that she was bleeding.

Xerxes turned back to Anya and raised his hand again. Anya closed her eyes and waited for the blow, but it never came.

Instead, Xerxes stopped in his tracks, his body tensing up. He knew that he had been caught, and he knew that he was in danger. He slowly turned around, his eyes widening in surprise as he saw Kyra standing behind him, her Vibroblade pressed against his back.

"What do you want?" he asked, his voice trembling.

"I want you to leave the two nice ladies alone," Kyra said. "Or I'll kill you."

Xerxes laughed. "You think you can kill me?" he asked. "I'm Xerxes. I'm not afraid of you."

Xerxes spun around and flipped the blade out of Kyra'a hands. Then with a deadly blow, he punched directly into her chest. Causing Kyra to fall straight to the ground like a ragdoll.

Kyra gasped as Xerxes's fist connected with her chest. She felt the air rush out of her lungs and knew she was in trouble. She tried to stand up, but she was too weak. She fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Xerxes stood over her, his eyes filled with hatred. "You should have stayed out of my way," he said.

He raised his foot and prepared to stomp on Kyra's head. But before he could do so, Anya tackled him to the ground.

Anya and Xerxes struggled on the ground, each trying to gain the upper hand. Anya was strong, but Xerxes was much stronger. He lifted himself to his feet and threw Anya to the ground.

Xerxes looked very annoyed. He leaned over Anya, his fists clenched. He was about to strike her when Vexxa appeared behind him. She raised her blaster.

In that instant, the entire Cantina went dead silent. Xerxes, who was here to do business and have some drinks, now found himself with a cold blaster pressed to the back of his head. He froze and stood still. Anya hanging from his huge left hand was unconscious.

He turned very slowly and peeked over his shoulder. There stood Vexxa, pressing her blaster into the back of his neck.

They locked eyes, and time seemed to stand still.

Vexxa spoke quietly to Xerxes, "Well, they did say 'Dead or Alive.'"

Then with a deafening "click," half of Xerxes' head disappeared into a mist of spray and debris.

After Xerxes was dispatched, Vexxa and Kyra helped Anyo to her feet. Looking at the bloody mess, Kyra did not think they had time to pack up this mutilated corpse. Instead, she picked up her Vibrablade that she had dropped earlier. With lightning-fast precision, she removed Xerxes' remaining eye. This piece of Xerxes would suffice to claim his bounty.

Anya was only half conscious. Kyra and Vexxa walked her out of the Cantina to their ship. Kyra looked at Vexxa and said, "I like this girl."

Vexxa nodded in agreement. "She's got spirit," she said. "I think she'll be a good addition to our crew."

Kyra smiled. "I'm glad you agree," she said. "I was worried you might think she was too much trouble."

Vexxa shook her head. "Not at all," she said. "I think she's just what we need."

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