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The Girls of Star Trek

Areel Shaw

Joan Marshall

Areel Shaw
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Areel Shaw

Joan Marshall

Court Martial

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Areel Shaw

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It was Star Date 3372.8, and the USS Enterprise was on its way to Star Base 11 when the crew received a distress signal. The station's review board informed the crew that Captain James T. Kirk was being court-martialed. It seemed the captain had been accused of negligence leading to the death of a crew member.

In the episode, the review board was headed by Commodore Stone, played by Whit Bissell, and the defense lawyer was Samuel T. Cogley, played by Elisha Cook Jr. This episode also featured the great Joan Marshall as Areel Shaw, the prosecutor. She was one of the few female actresses to appear in the original series, and she did an excellent job.

The jury comprised a few familiar faces, including Lieutenant Commander Giotto, played by Michael Barrier. He was one of the few characters to appear in more than one episode, and he was an antagonist in this particular episode.

Of course, Kirk's loyal crew was determined to help him clear his name, and they set out to prove his innocence. With the help of Spock's logical mind and McCoy's expertise in medicine, they could prove that the crewmember had died of a communicable virus and not due to negligence.

After her appearance in this episode, Joan Marshall went on to appear in many other shows, such as "Bonanza," "Perry Mason," and "The Courtship of Eddie's Father." She was a versatile actress, and her talent was always appreciated.

It's interesting to note that this episode was the first in the series to feature a court-martial. This would become a theme during the show, as Kirk often found himself in legal trouble. Another interesting fact is that Michael Barrier was a fan of the show, and this episode was his first chance to appear.

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