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Kathryn Hays

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Kathryn Hays

The Empath

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As a passionate fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, I must express my deep appreciation for the episode "The Empath" and the character Gem. The emotional depth and captivating performances in this episode make it a standout in the series.

Gem, portrayed by the remarkable actress Kathryn Hays, is a mute empath who plays a pivotal role in the storyline. Her ability to absorb the pain of others and her touching expressions through body language and gestures truly steal the show.

"The Empath" stands out for its minimalist sets, which add a mystical and eerie ambiance to the episode. The focus on the relationships of the main characters, particularly the heartwarming dynamics between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, is truly captivating. The self-sacrificing nature of the "Big Three" and their emotional bond is beautifully portrayed.

Kathryn Hays' portrayal of Gem through her skillfully exaggerated gestures and facial expressions brings a powerful empathy to the character. Her ability to convey emotions without uttering a single word demonstrates her incredible talent as an actress. Additionally, her work in other acting roles is equally commendable, showcasing her versatility and captivating performances beyond "The Empath."

Kathryn Hays' performance as Gem in "The Empath" is a testament to her acting prowess, and her ability to convey complex emotions effectively. Her dedication to bringing depth to Gem through her performance is truly commendable, making her a standout guest star in the series.

Early in her career, Hays made numerous appearances on episodic TV, and made a few later in her career. In 1968, she appeared in Star Trek as the eponymous central character in the episode “The Empath”, playing a mute alien with healing powers. She also had appearances in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Road West.

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