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The Girls of Star Trek

Lt. Piper

Julie Parrish

Lt. Piper
TOS Computer
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Lt. Piper

Julie Parrish

The Menagerie, Part II

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Lt. Piper

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Part 2
As Spock's trial continues, the transmission resumes with Pike in a 2254 cell with a transparent wall. The Talosians initiate their "experiment," which involves various illusory scenarios featuring Pike and Vina. They hope Pike and Vina will reproduce and create a slave race to restore the war-ravaged planet. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew is unable to breach the underground complex using weapons amplified by the ship's power. A landing party attempts to beam in, but only female members arrive to give Pike more mate choices. Their attempt to break the cell wall with phasers fails, as the weapons appear non-functional.

Pike captures the Talosian Keeper as he tries to take the weapons and realizes the phasers still work, their escape attempt hindered by an illusion. He forces the Talosian to reveal an opening in the cell wall. The humans reach the surface, discovering it is part of the Talosians' plan. Number One sets her phaser to overload, preferring death over enslavement. She deactivates it when more Talosians arrive, admitting human hatred for captivity makes them unsuitable for their plans.

Pike offers assistance from the interstellar community, but the Talosians worry their mental powers would lead to the ruin of other races. As the party returns to the ship, Pike discovers Vina's appearance is an illusion. She was severely injured in the Columbia crash and disfigured by the Talosians' failed attempts to repair her injuries. Nevertheless, Vina stays on Talos IV, and Pike returns to the ship.

In 2267, the transmission ends as the Enterprise reaches Talos IV. Mendez vanishes, revealed as an illusion created by the Keeper. The court-martial was a scheme to bring Pike to Talos IV, where he could enjoy everyday life through illusions. A message from Mendez informs Kirk that Starfleet has waived the prohibition against contact with Talos IV for this one occasion. Pike is transported to the planet, and a rejuvenated Pike and Vina return with the Talosians to the underground complex. The Keeper appears one last time to wish Kirk well.

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